The Pros and Cons of Off-The-Shelf Eyewear

Off-the-shelf reading glasses are extremely popular, largely because of their availability without an eye test and their cheap price.  But are off-the-shelf glasses really a good alternative to prescription eyewear?  Here are the pros and cons. Off-the-shelf specs – the advantages The main advantage to using off-the-shelf glasses is that they are typically much cheaper than prescription eyewear.  You can buy them without having to have an eye test too, saving you money and also time. [Read More]

Make sure that the lenses of your prescription glasses are properly prepared for your game of Canoe Polo

When you play Canoe Polo, you know how important it is to be able to see the ball, other players and the pitch clearly. If your vision changes and you need to wear prescription glasses, you will need to make sure that your lenses are suited to ensuring you have clear vision during games and training. Discuss your lenses with your optometrist When you get your glasses, you must discuss your lifestyle and your needs with your optometrist. [Read More]