4 Misconceptions About Laser Eye Surgery

For many people, laser eye surgery is a big step towards regaining independence from glasses or contact lenses. Rather than carrying around heavy glass frames and bulky contact lenses in their pockets, they carry around sleek glasses and contacts that are in their purse or travel case. 

While laser eye surgery has been becoming more and more of a popular choice, the misconceptions about it have also been gaining more and more attention. This article will help you clear up any misconceptions you might have about this procedure. 

Misconception 1: Laser eye surgery isn't permanent

Contrary to what many assume, laser eye surgery is a permanent solution to correcting eyesight. The laser used reshapes the eye tissue, removing layers from your cornea based on a custom-designed map suited to your eyes. As such, the effects can't wear off. That said, it is true that as you get older, your eyesight naturally weakens. Of course, this will happen whether you've undergone laser eye surgery or not. 

Misconception 2: The surgery could make you go blind

One of the most dangerous misconceptions about laser eye surgery is that it can make you go blind. In reality, the estimated risk of going blind from laser eye surgery is 1 in 5 million, making you far more likely to win the lottery. [] Even then, since both eyes undergo separate procedures, the chances of losing sight in both eyes is not far off impossible. While laser eye surgery does require complex work, remember that your surgeon wouldn't put you at any great risk. 

Misconception 3: Laser eye surgery only corrects shortsightedness

Have you heard that laser eye surgery is only good for correcting shortsightedness? This misconception is common, but it isn't true.  In fact, laser eye surgery can correct both long-sightedness and shortsightedness as well as astigmatism, making it suitable for numerous people with vision problems. Before undergoing the procedure, you'll talk to your surgeon about your specific issue and find the best type of laser correction for your eyes. 

Misconception 4: The surgery is painful 

While the idea of a laser cutting into your eye might sound daunting, laser eye surgery isn't actually painful at all. Not only is the procedure short, but your surgeon will also use numbing eye drops so you don't feel anything more than pressure. The only discomfort you might feel is some irritation and light sensitivity as you recover, but this will eventually subside, leaving you with the visual acuity of your dreams. 

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